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My yoga is a combination of all I have learnt over the years. Movement, flow, breath rhythm, asanas/postures, adjustments, strength work, softening work. I like to use movement as medicine, in the fact that sometimes just get up and move is enough to make you feel better. My classes guide you through movement, asana/ postures with breath all with a great understanding off how to counteract day to day steers and strain put on the body.

I deliver easily accessible yoga for everyday people. I am a mum, a wife, and horse owner. I have children to run around after, a husband to spend time with, a home and all that comes with that -cleaning, cooking, mortgage, bills – I also own a horse and have charge of his day to day care – grooming, stable/yard duties, riding – on top of all that my husband and myself run wholehealthstudio (a studio providing yoga, Pilates, meditation and my husband provides injury and pain rehabilitation.)

So basically I’m just like you.

I have practiced yoga for many years and know it’s benefits.

So basically I’m just like you I have a job and I have a life. With my yoga I will not judge you on what you can or cannot do. I will just provide you with space and time to be the best you you can be.

  • I’m not vegetarian
  • I don’t have a strict asana practice.
  • I get upset, I make mistakes, I’m not perfect.
  • I do love yoga as a mind and body movement therapy that fits in with day to day and although can enhance your life does not take over or contradict any part of your life.

I do understand what it is like to not be flexible physical and mentally and have had to and still work on both daily.

My yoga reflects all I have learned.
From physical challenges – back issues so bad I couldn’t put my own socks on most days in my early twenties. And mental health issues in my early thirties – work related stress, depression, anxiety and exhaustion.

I understand that life can have it challenges ( I have had my fair share of these) and like to offer a place\class where you can just let go of life and just be you. Even if just for one hour a week.

Yoga is apart of life not your whole life, although I do find even if you let yoga in for just one hour per week it has its own way of influencing your whole life.

I know from feedback from clients that my classes promote increased flexibilty, better sleep, confidence boost, increased strength, happiness, self belief, enjoyment of yoga and understanding of yoga and how it impacts the body, mind and soul.

I run small group yoga classes (6 max) so you can be one of few, a name, a person, a valued member of the group, part of a strong and secure community where growth is allowed, embraced and encouraged. Yoga at Wholehealthstudio you buy your place on a monthly basis so no need to worry about if there will be space for you. Once you pay for the month your place is guaranteed. Loyalty counts.

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