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By Mark Johnson
Rehabilitation & Performance Specialist

Body Check-in

  • Where do I feel most in my feet? Or where don’t I feel?
  • Pelvic tilt; Anterior vs Posterior
  • What do my legs do when I tilt my pelvis each way inc knees?
  • How does my lumbar spine feel when i tilt my pelvis each way?
  • What does my ribs do when i tilt my pelvis?
  • When i move my ribs what do my scapulars do?

“The talus drives the bus”

  • There are 33 joints in the human foot.
  • Regardless of gender or body type how these joints act (or not?) determines the function of ankle, knee, pelvis, spine,
    ribs, scapulars, arms, hands & canium.
  • If joints can’t act s they should muscles that attach to them also won’t react as they are design to do so *Ref: What The
    Foot by Gary Ward.
  • The middle/2nd cuneiform is the centre of gravity of the foot as is L5/S1 in the spine. They should come together in
    single leg stance – 80% of gait is single leg!

“Joints act, muscles react” Gary Ward

Open chain kinetics vs Closed chain kinetics



Muscles have to lengthen before they contract!

Muscle fibres always pull towards each other.


Muscles excellerate & decellerate joint actions.



Can you move the pen? Can you load up the chain?

Anterior & Posterior Oblique Sling System

Muscles that (should) work together in single leg stance


  • What happens to muscles that don’t have to work?
  • What happens to muscles that can’t lengthen?
  • What happens to joints that don’t act?
  • What happens to muscles that can’t react?
  • Improved or compromised performance?
  • Masking an underlying imbalance? (yes!)

The Human Body Is Amazing! If you can do what you do now, how much more could you achieve with a few minor tweaks?

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